User Agreement

To use the services provided by The Cogiver Network (hereinafter referred to as “we” or "our" depending on the context), you agree to follow all the conditions set forth in this Agreement, and accept the Privacy Practice:

Helping the cause you care about

  • You can change the cause you support at anytime at Find my cause page.
  • You help by collecting "points" for your cause. You can earn points by:
    • Use Cogiver local coupons at local Mom & Pop shops,
    • Shop at participating online retailers,
    • or, inviting friends to help together;
  • We will post your contributions to inspire other members. We will post as soon as we receive it. However, sometimes it may take up to 60 days for our partners to send the info.
  • The cause you support will receive a $50 donation every time the unvested contributions reached 500 points.

Using Cogiver local coupons

  • You can help both your local Mom and Pop shops and your cause by using Cogiver local coupons
  • Local coupons are usually number limited. You have to “Clip” one before you can use it.
  • A few common sense disclaimers:
    • The merchant reserves the right to decline the use of coupons.
    • Coupon does NOT have monetary value and is not for resell.

Your privacy

  • We WILL display your screen name to general public for the activities you are related to (e.g. Making contributions, "Liking" another person's activities... etc.).
    If you prefer to stay anonymous, pick a screen name after your favorite Disney character.
  • We will NEVER sell or give away your email address.

If you represent a nonprofit organizations

  • At this point of time we can only help organizations with United States 501c status.
  • Your organization can opt-out and re-opt-in at anytime. We CANNOT send donation until you organization is opted-in.
  • We CANNOT send donation without your organization's tax ID and other required information.
  • Your organization agrees to let ANY individual and ANY business fundraise for you on
  • Cogiver reserves the right to suspend your organization's account without providing reason. We will NOT send donation to organizations whose accounts are suspended.


  • We are entitled to modify this Agreement without your approval as long as the modifications do not compromise your privacy. The modified Agreement is effective immediately when made accessible on web site.
  • All services and computer systems are provided as is without any warranty.
  • We have ownership to all the content you provided to us.